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Test Your Knowledge: Students Compete Against Each Other in the Trivia Club

By John Syms, Part-Time Writer

Originally Published November 28, 2023

Trivia Club is letting students on campus compete against one another in a game of Jeopardy to earn prizes. Undergraduates form teams and test their knowledge against opponents to win the competition.

Jonah Vaglia, senior biology major, is the president of the club and usually hosts the event every year either in Prep or Anselm Hall.

Vaglia explained that Trivia Club is a group of students on campus who come together and appreciate each other’s knowledge and share a love of new information. They meet every Thursday for club meetings. Most meetings, Vaglia said, have five to ten members, who come to relax and answer trivia questions. They used an online buzzer system to conduct both practices and tournaments, until last semester, when they purchased a traditional lockout buzzer system with SGA funds.

Caption 1: Trophies and medals were awarded upon conclusion of the club tournament. (Source: Jonah Vaglia)

“One of the best parts of trivia club is the fact that every student has their own interests of bringing their information to an area that can be appreciated,” Vaglia said.

This semester's trivia club tournament has six teams of five students. The club has been hosting tournaments for the last two years, every semester.

Vaglia said that he started the club because he had started Quiz-Bowl in high school, and already had an interest in trivia by then.

“I came to SVC, understanding that there was a trivia club already on campus according to what my tour guide told me. I found out that unfortunately was not true, so I had to start a trivia club my sophomore year.”

The first tournament of the school year took place in Anselm Hall 219 on Nov. 16, and one team was eliminated in the set of matches.

As of Nov. 28, according to Jonah, a winner was estimated to have been decided by Nov. 30. The top three teams will each receive a trophy and the first-place team will receive medals.

“I love Trivia Club and I love doing it,” said Vaglia. “I like when we have a nice group of people with a diverse collection of niche academic interests.”

He hopes that trivia club is still around at SVC after he graduates in the spring of 2024. Jonah hopes that there will be more people to take part in the organization in the future.


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