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New non-denominational service on campus: Campus Ministry forms new weekly praise and worship event

By John Syms, Part Time Staff Writer

Originally Published November 7, 2023

Not all students describe themselves as Catholic, despite Catholicism being critical to Saint Vincent College’s (SVC) campus identity. In consideration of this, Campus ministry has formed a brand new non-denominational service, which students who are a part of any religion can take part in.

At the service, which is held every two weeks, students gather in Luparello to sing, pray, and practice their faith to God. The event was hosted by Reverend Clark Kerr, a retired 71-year-old Presbyterian minister from the Latrobe Presbyterian Church. He is currently a part time worker for SVC campus ministry and has worked with them for over three years.

Kerr looks forward to more students joining his event. “It is a praise and worship service where we will sing, pray, do some scripture, do some meditation,” Kerr said. “And it usually runs 40 minutes, maybe 45.”

On Sunday, Oct. 22, over twenty-two undergraduates took part in one of the first non-denominational events. Kerr and the students who organized the event felt it was terrific. Kerr is trying to promote the service more often. The event takes place on Sundays at 6 pm.

SVC students gather together for praise and worship in Luparello Lecture Hall. (SOURCE: SYMS)

Kerr enjoys hosting the service. “This is my third year here being a part of campus ministry. Even though it's hard to produce events, campus ministry has a lot of terrific programming,” Kerr said. “We thought we ought to have an opportunity for non-denominational kids. We are off to a good start, and we hope to continue to build some momentum. We have a couple of fellas who said they have been spreading the word, and of course I think the way this works is word of mouth.”

The next non-denominational campus ministry service will take place on Sunday, Nov. 19.

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