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New Honors Program Director

By John Syms, Part-Time Staff Writer Dr. Timothy Kelly, Professor of History at Saint Vincent College (SVC), is now the new director of the honors program. In addition to having been a professor for 28 years, he was a part of the honors program steering committee alongside a number of other faculty on campus.

Kelly is happy about being the brand-new leader of the organization. “I love it, I think the honors program is wonderful,” he said. “I have been associated with it for many, many years.”

(SOURCE: SVC’s own Dr. Timothy Kelly is the new director of the Honor’s Program.

The fall semester will be the start of Kelly being in charge of the program. In the spring semester of 2023, Dr. Michelle Duennes, Assistant Professor of Biology and previous director of the honors initiative, decided to step down as the supervisor. “So, they were looking for someone to be the new director, and so they chose me to do it for a year,” Kelly said. Duenneswas only appointed as the administrator for one semester. At the time, Fr. Brian Boosel O.S.B, Assistant Professor of History, was on sabbatical. Boosel previously directed the honors program.

Duennes is still a part of the program as a member of the Honors Program Steering Committee. She is currently teaching two classes included in the plan of action, the Gateway Seminar and the Intermediate Seminar I. Kelly is teaching a course as well, Intermediate Seminar II. He taught previous honors courses before he became the new academic director.

“I have taught the Gateway Seminar twice, I have taught the Intermediate Seminar I, and I am teaching Intermediate Seminar II. Next semester I will be teaching the Capstone Seminar with Dr Duennes,” Dr. Kelly said. He is excited to be a part of the new program and to continue his current work as chairman of the History Department.

He encourages students to join the program. “I think it is wonderful for students to get involved in,” he said. “The program is great and the faculty are very eager about it, and I think the students are terrific, and I think there is an opportunity to expand on what happens in the classroom and beyond that.”


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