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Bearcat of the week: David Kuhar

David Kuhar, a senior marketing major, will graduate at winter

commencement on Dec. 16, despite beginning college in the fall of 2015. He took several advancement placement classes and extracurricular classes at Gannon University which he received college credit for, so he is now able to graduate early.

Kuhar is from Erie and graduated from Cathedral Prep High School. Kuhar has always been interested in sales, so he knew marketing would be the right major for him.

Kuhar’s senior capstone is a group marketing research project for Latrobe 30 Theatre & Cafe. He and his group put together a survey and several focus groups to gather information about what would attract customers. The theatre is a small, two-screen venue, and the group’s research will help the owner decide what genre of movies to show for the best business.

The theatre also sells food — more than just typical movie theater snacks like popcorn and candy — so the survey also aims to gauge food interests, as well as if people would prefer to eat at the theater or someplace else before or after the movie.

Dr. Thomas Cline, professor of business of administration, has worked with Kuhar throughout his time at Saint Vincent.

“David possesses a rare combination of analytical skills and sidewalks smarts. He has a witty sense of humor that he uses appropriately and sparingly,” Cline said. “David’s demeanor borders shy, and yet he is quick to respond to challenging questions in class.”

Kuhar intends to take a different approach with his marketing degree. After graduation, Kuhar plans to attend Gannon University, starting in the spring semester, to obtain a second bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering.

Kuhar explained that the background he will have from both degrees will give him an advantage in machine and machine component sales, the career in which he is interested.

Cline spoke highly of Kuhar’s potential for success in his future endeavors.

“David’s future success will come as easily as his academic accomplishments — he’s a reliable worker and a good person. He is scrupulous and kind,” Cline said.

Kuhar became interested in manufacturing after spending a summer working at Smith’s Provisions, a meat packing factory located in Erie. The company produces and packages a variety of meats, including the hot dogs sold at the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey games. Kuhar also had a brief temp position at Port Erie Plastic.

Kuhar explained that experience in factories sparked his interest in machines.

“I like the idea of building and producing things. Working and taking tours in factories was really neat. I would definitely like to be a part of making machines,” Kuhar said.

He noted that the major benefit of graduating a semester early is getting a head start to pursue his second degree.

However, Kuhar said he would miss the friendly and genuine atmosphere at Saint Vincent, along with all of the great people he had the chance to meet.

His other hobbies include making stop motion animation films, reading and hunting.


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