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Women’s lacrosse set to begin regular season

By Luke Mich, Sports Editor

On Sunday, Feb. 20, the women’s lacrosse team will play their first game of the regular season in Pittsburgh against La Roche University. Anticipation is building for the Bearcats team, which is the first Saint Vincent spring sports team to begin playing this semester.

(Photo attached in email; courtesy of Senior attacker Joey Smith moves by a Waynesburg player during a match at home last season, which ended in a 21-5 win for Saint Vincent.

“Morale on the team is very high. We are super pumped about what the season will bring and the competition we play,” attacker Emily Taylor, senior psychology major, said.

For the team, practices officially started this semester on Jan. 31. The snow from the preceding storms still covered the turf at the time, and temperatures were frigid. Yet even before their first practice together this season, teammates made sure they would be prepared for the upcoming schedule by meeting outside of classes for other drills.

“Even in our offseason, the team [was] holding each other accountable by working out together and practicing our stick skills,” Taylor said.

In order to consider this season a success, Taylor reported that the team must keep practicing like they have so far and grow together as a team.

Like many other spring sports here on campus, the Bearcats women’s lacrosse team hopes not only for a successful season, but for a complete season without any issues. For the previous two years, COVID-19 protocols prematurely ended the team’s campaign, the most recent example being last spring when the school went into a lockdown in late April.

Despite the misfortune of the past two years, the team holds very high aspirations for this year, hoping to win its first PAC title since the 2014 season and its first conference title since 2015.

“We have high expectations to have a good season and make it to playoffs with hopes of being PAC Champions,” Taylor said.

With the opening game only a few days away, the SVC community will be able to follow the team’s season and find out if the Bearcats can meet and accomplish their goals.

After the La Roche game, the Bearcats women’s lacrosse team will play their next three games on the road. Their first home game is set for Monday, March 14, against Waynesburg on the turf field at 4 p.m.


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