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D3 Nerds: Sports Podcast at Saint Vincent

By John Syms, Part-Time Writer

What started off as a podcast just about baseball, now turned into a podcast about sports. Originally called “Baseball U,” which was geared towards baseball fans from a podcast standpoint, this anticipated project now titled “D3 Nerds” is set to release talks, videos, debates, and other fun activities involving sports. The creator John Evans, Sophomore, Psychology Major, is ready to work on new projects involving athletics with his web cast at Saint Vincent College (SVC).

D3 Nerds is sponsored by Stinger Sports, a brand that sponsors sporting goods that mostly contains baseball equipment. The podcast has gained viewership from students on campus as they watch videos about occupations, challenges, and showdowns involving sports. On Feb. 20, Evans posted a video on his podcast about spending the last 24 hours trying to play every sport at SVC. To watch more of his video’s, make sure to visit his channel D3Nerds824. The website is almost at 1,000 subscribers and is currently at 772.

Evan’s would discuss that making videos for his podcast is not easy. He stated “It’s a little bit hard being a college athlete trying to balance being a full time student, content creator, as well as a collegiate athlete, and it is not an easy challenge.” Evan’s plays for the SVC Baseball team as an outfielder. During his freshman year, the athlete started 15 games and recorded 14 hits with four runs batted in (RBI).

Evans is not only trying to grab attention from people at SVC, but is also trying to see who else around the world wants to watch D3 Nerds. He would go on to say “ I am just trying to gear towards any audience that I can. Right now, I’m trying to push more TikTok’s (d3nerd) out there and then while I still do some YouTube videos and podcasts and things like that, those are kind of things are slow at the moment, but as now the podcast is going very well and we are starting to see some progress in our videos which is exciting ” as more content is in underway. The D3 Nerds TikTok account’s most popular video is at 253,000 views with over 31,000 likes.

Evans does enjoy that his podcast is reaching a high altitude of admiration, but he doesn’t just make these videos for fame. Evan’s stated “ I like making content, and one of the main reasons why I made the podcast is if I can have someone watch a video and put a smile on their face, then that is why I make videos. I do it to share my experiences to encourage maybe someone to try and become a college athlete if they don’t think they have what it takes to play college sports.”

As of Feb. 27, D3 nerds is still making video’s. Evan’s has gotten help from a variety of people on campus to make more content. One of his best friends Andrew Stano, Sophomore, sociology major, has been in plenty of their projects. Evans would say Stano “helped a lot with the full content aspect of the podcast.” For more information about D3 nerds, follow the

Instagram account “d3nerds”, and will give you all the information of where to watch any videos about the podcast.


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