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Questions raised over alleged burglary over winter break

On Feb. 4, WPXI reported that an alleged burglary occurred in a student dorm at Saint Vincent College during winter break.

Reportedly, a contractor who was hired by the college was responsible. Several students and Public Safety responded to the viewing of the news update.

Zachary Folk, junior marketing major, reacted to seeing the news on TV.

“My roommate and I had on WPXI and they reported the story really quickly and without any details, so we were just kind of shocked,” Folk said.

Folk said that he had not previously heard anything about the incident, and that there is no information online about the burglary either.

Another student, Courtney Kloos, a junior education major, was watching WPXI when the report was made.

“I was surprised that Saint Vincent never told students about it. Someone just stole a student’s check book and the school never thought to ask students to see if anything else was missing,” Kloos said.

Rev. Joseph Adams O.S.B., director of public safety, responded to the recent news report.

“The student involved in that incident contacted the State Police for an investigation into some money she discovered missing from her room upon her return from semester break. The State Police conducted an investigation,” Adams said.

Adams suggested that the Greensburg State Police may have been responsible for releasing information to WPXI.

“Once the State Police becomes involved in an investigation, the Saint Vincent Public Safety Department usually only responds to request from the State Police for additional information,” Adams said. “No requests were made of our department, we were only advised that the case was closed.”

The Review contacted the Greensburg State Police for more information on the, but they have responded to us at this time.

Any new information obtained by The Review regarding this case will be release in a future issue.

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