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Women’s Week Spotlight: Get to Know Some of the Outstanding Women of SVC

By Erin Brody, Arts and Culture Editor

After decades of being a co-ed school, some people are still shocked to hear about a woman attending Saint Vincent College. While admitting women is on the newer side of SVC’s history, the school is sure to recognize the amazing women leaders on campus.

One way the school did this was through encouraging the SVC community to nominate a woman on campus to be recognized as Outstanding Women in conjunction with Women’s Week. While many of the nominees were students, both staff and faculty nominees took the board. Let’s learn about some of these amazing women!

Sarah Burger

Sarah is a sophomore English and theology major who plays a huge role in Campus Ministry. This past fall, she planned the Women’s Retreat, and this semester, she gave her testimony during the Festival of Praise. She felt very appreciative when she learned that someone took the time to nominate her.

What does SVC’s Women’s Week mean to you?

“International Women’s Week is an opportunity to celebrate outstanding women throughout history. There were many amazing Saint Vincent (College) women nominated this week, and I hope all the nominations can inspire other students.”

Are there any outstanding women from your life that have helped you get where you are today?

“There are so many amazing women in my life that have inspired me, including my family and teachers. Every day, I am inspired to become a better person by my lovely Saint Vincent (College) female friends.”

Sara Lindey, Ph.D.

Dr. Lindey is a fan favorite among students. She is chair of the English Department, Director of the Campus Writing Program, and is also a Fred Rogers Fellow. She teaches many literature classes, has many works published, and is known for her quick problem-solving skills, especially among English majors.

What does SVC’s Women’s Week mean to you?

“My first year as a faculty member at SVC in 2008 happened to be the same year as the 25th anniversary of coeducation at Saint Vincent College. That year, I attended events and speakers and learned about women’s experiences in that short time. I felt proud to be adding to the number of women undertaking work at a place with a rich history of single-sed education that had decided to welcome women as students and faculty.”

Are there any outstanding women from your life that have helped you get where you are today?

“In my fifteen years here since then I think often of my women colleagues and students and have tried to participate in a healthy workplace and learning environment. Having a healthy community and sense of place smooths the path toward learning and achievement. I’m happy to see SVC acknowledging women who work and learn here this year.” #ErinBrody #WomensWeek #WomenofSVC #SarahBurger #SaraLindey #Culture


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