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Spotlight on local teens: SVC and Latrobe Bulletin Partner for “Teen of the Week” Program

By Tanner Adomaitis, Staff Writer

Originally Published October 30, 2023

Local teens have been called to the spotlight through a partnership between Saint Vincent College (SVC) and Latrobe Bulletin. Dr. Jeff Mallory, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for SVC, is the figure head for SVC in the partnership.

“The Teen of the Week program provides educational coverage for local school districts. In particular, highlighting the great accomplishments of high-school senior students who surround our SVC community is a primary goal of the program,” Mallory said. “Saint Vincent is proud to partner with the Latrobe Bulletin for this program and we are glad to shine the light on the students who truly deserve the recognition.”

In addition to being named “Teen of the Week,” all teens who have been selected may be chosen as “Teen of the Year” at the conclusion of the program for this year, which will be in late May of 2024.

Mallory explained that SVC is committed to being present in the community and aims to help students achieve their academic goals through the program. He also explained the importance of SVC being a strong and visibility community partner, and to highlight any educational accomplishments that take place in Westmoreland County.

“Partnerships such as this one aligns to our community hallmarks and our standard of being a good neighbor,” Mallory said. “With an emphasis on education, it’s truly an honor to recognize the high school seniors who are exemplary in their respective schools. We also realize many of them are future Bearcats and we are pleased to engage and celebrate with them prior to their arrival here.”

As of Tuesday, Oct. 24, Vanessa McMichael of Greater Latrobe Senior High, Mikaela Shine from Derry Area High School, and Piper Anke of Derry Area High School have been selected as Teens of the Week. McMicheal has already stated she plans to enroll at SVC.

Piper Anke of Derry Area High School was a “Teen of the Week” selection. (SOURCE: LATROBE BULLETIN)

Those who have been following Teen of the Week via the Latrobe Bulletin can look forward to many more to come. Every Thursday, an article will be released, celebrating a teen selected for the program and detailing their academic accomplishments.

“Important information about each teen that has contributed to his or her success will be shared along with a list of their current activities of involvement. The future educational and career plans of each Teen will also be highlighted. We look forward to seeing many of them continue their path forward here at SVC!” Mallory said.

The next article should be released Thursday, Nov. 2, 2023. Followers should stay tuned via Latrobe Bulletin to know what teens have been selected.

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