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SGA selling reusable waterbottles

by Elizabeth DeLyser, Copy Editor

SGA is selling plastic and stainless steel reusable water bottles for $3 each. Reusable water bottles like this help cut down on plastic water bottles in landfills and in subsidized recycling programs. The water bottles come in silver, pink, green, and gold and bear the words “Bearcat Nation” and “Sponsored by the SGA” along with a paw print. Former Executive Vice President Anna Fiano came up with the idea of selling water bottles not only to help promote the campus becoming more environmentally friendly, but also with the idea of donating the proceeds to the Sydney Michaels foundation. Sydney Michaels is a one-year old was diagnosed with Dravet’s syndrome in infancy. Dravet’s syndrome, also called severe myoclonic epilepsy, is a rare disease that causes the afflicted to have 100-200 seizures a day. The funds will help Sydney’s family pay for her medications. “The disease is so rare, only approximately 600 people in the country have it,” Jason Winters, director of campus life, explained. “Anna heard about it from the lady who’s running the foundation, who works at Anna’s sister’s school.” So far, SGA has raised $900 to donate to the Sydney Michaels foundation. SGA encourages all students to buy a water bottle to help the campus go green and support this worthy cause. “We have a ton of them left,” said Eric Kubeja, freshmen class senator. “You can stop by whenever. They’re $3 each.”


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