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Saint Vincent Intramurals: A Community Built Around Sports

By Devin Bonine, Staff Writer

Under the leadership of Women’s Lacrosse coach Jym Walters, Zackary VonStein, a senior business data analytics major, and Reed Hipps, a senior mathematics education major, an intramural sports group was formed for students attending Saint Vincent College. Sports such as flag football, soccer, kickball, basketball and volleyball are held throughout both semesters on campus for students to compete in a friendly environment.

“It's a great experience because we help a lot of the students enjoy their time here at Saint Vincent during the weeknights. Instead of staying inside during the week, we provide them with opportunities to get out and compete against other students,” said Reed Hipps.

Intramurals serve as an alternative to spend weekday nights by being active and making friends over sports. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights students can expect to see sports being played on UPMC Field or in the school gymnasium, depending on what sport is in session. “I want the players to enjoy their time here at Saint Vincent and understand that they will get out what they make of the experience,” Hipps explained.

(SVC flag football team Skunks) Intramural players J’Shawn Taylor and Julian Santana posing after a big win in flag football.

One of the main reasons why these sporting events are held at night is to give students something to do. “I wanted to play intramural sports because it allows me to play all sorts of sports that I enjoy playing with my friends in a fun environment,” Zachary VonStein commented.

The idea to form an intramural league was centered around a fun environment where players can stay active and create friendships over sports they have a passion toward. Intramurals are also a great alternative to allow athletes who are not playing at a varsity level to keep up with a sport of their choice.

“The overall experience has been very good. It is fun meeting and playing against new students and faculty. It is also very fun to play with my friends in sports that we do not get to play in school anymore” VonStein concluded.

(SVC intramural team Bomb Squad) Team Bomb Squad poses for a pic after a hard-fought victory in overtime during flag football.

Intramural sports at Saint Vincent College are built upon a friendly competitive environment. Those looking to get in on the action should reach out to either Zackary VonStein or Reed Hipps via Saint Vincent email.

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