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Saint Vincent College Athletic Hall of Fame: A brief overview on its relevance and importance

By Devin Bonine, Staff Writer

Hall of fame nominations take into account all aspects of an individual’s athletic career at SVC, as well as feats accomplished off the field. The Athletic Hall of Fame recognizes former student-athletes and teams who went above and beyond during their time at Saint Vincent, as well as accomplishments post-graduation. Alumni from 1966 to present day are recognized and showcased for their outstanding statistics specific to their sport. Teams also have the opportunity to be recognized for accomplishments during anniversary years.

(Attached in email; photo courtesy of Pittsburgh Post-gazette) Saint Vincent Alumni Dr. Mallory with a layup during a basketball game.

While the Hall of Fame primarily focuses on outstanding statistics and records, an emphasis on the importance of community and development thrives within the Hall of Fame.

This is shown through the recognition individuals receive for the role they played beyond Saint Vincent College.

Dr. Jeff Mallory, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, had a historic career playing for the school’s basketball team, putting up impressive numbers such as 1,580 career points, 313 blocked shots and 854 rebounds over a four year period. Dr. Mallory is thankful to have had the ability to support other teammates throughout his collegiate years at SVC.

“We had each other's backs.” - Dr. Mallory

“During our basketball games we would have guys from other sport teams showing up and supporting... and we would do the same.”- Dr. Mallory

(Attached in email; photo courtesy of A group of distinguished alumni getting recognized into the Athletic Hall of Fame.

He credits part of his success to being surrounded by such an elite group of individuals. Although Dr. Mallory is a standout when it comes to the history of Saint Vincent basketball, he acknowledges the impact students and players participating in other sport teams had on him. Accountability and fellowship among teammates and classmates are present throughout the lives of those selected into the Hall of Fame.

In 2022, Saint Vincent College hosted its annual Athletic Hall of Fame anniversary which honored nominees from the past three years. This anniversary was exceptionally notable due to

the pandemic’s effect on the process. The anniversary served as a reunion to many who were unable to participate for an extended period of time.

The Hall of Fame is known for the many achievements of former student-athletes, and getting recognized shows the best of the best. All the hard work put on and off the field symbolizes what it means to be a student-athlete. The Saint Vincent College Athletic Hall of Fame showcases top-notch athletes and their stories.


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