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Ready, Set, Dodgeball! Two teams battle to a final win

By John Syms, Part-Time Writer

Students across Saint Vincent College are having a blast with the Activities Programming Board (APB) events happening across campus. On September 23, APB hosted a dodgeball tournament in which students gathered in groups of five to seven to play dodgeball.

(Saint Vincent College APB) Winning dodgeball team "God's Squad" poses for a picture after several close rounds.

Despite COVID-19 concerns, the APB dodgeball tournament was full of enthusiastic spectators. Students watched from the stands as teams battled it out, throwing, catching, and hitting one another with dodgeballs. Although some players took rough hits, all teams were able to walk them off and there were no concussions.

There were a total of six teams in the dodgeball tournament. The tournament also had a loser’s bracket. The championship round was close as well, as team “God’s Squad” had to face and defeat “Women Respecters” twice in the finale in order to secure their dodgeball glory for the second year in a row.

The second game of the tournament was between the “Women Respecters” and “God’s Squad”. In a tight match “Women Respecters” would come on top in the tournament as “God’s Squad” had to be sent to the loser’s bracket. However, “God's Squad” would still make it to the finale against the “Women Respecters”.

Dan Chirdon, junior finance major, a player for the “Women Respecters”, thought the first game against “God’s Squad” was difficult.

“They had us in the first half, I’m not going to lie, but we got some momentum on the catch. Brandon came up clutch at the end, and we took the W(in),” said a pumped-up Dan Chirdon.

However, that momentum did not last long, as “God’s Squad” would win two games in the finale against “Women Respecters” to secure the tournament victory.

APB is utilizing and promoting Campus Life events across SVC. They hold multiple events every week, and the dodgeball tournament was one of the biggest events yet on campus. “Just Dance” and “Trivia Night” held similar major turnouts to dodgeball.

For SVC students looking to participate in an APB event, they can follow their Instagram page (SVC_APB) or find their website on the SVC portal. APB is planning on having more events and hopes students across SVC will participate in them.


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