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McKenna School gets down to Business

By Brianna Saylor, Staff Writer

Originally Published October 3, 2023

Do you dream of traveling abroad, whether for a few weeks immersed in an entirely new cultural experience or a shorter trip over spring break? What about exploring something new–closer to home–perhaps right on campus? Saint Vincent College (SVC) offers many opportunities for students to explore an array of potential interests. That might include exploring the possibility of adding a minor, joining the Operational Excellence Club, or joining Robert Markley, instructor of Business Administration, or Dr. Jerome Foss, Professor of Politics, for a once in a lifetime trip around the world.

This was among the many things discussed at the annual tall hall meeting for the McKenna School of Business, Economics, and Government, on Wednesday, Sept. 20, at 12:45 p.m. in the Performing Arts Center (PAC). Freshmen McKenna School students were required to attend, while all others were encouraged to go as well.

(SOURCE: MCKENNA SCHOOL INSTAGRAM) Students and professors gathered in the PAC for the town hall meeting to listen to upcoming opportunities.

Dr. Michael Urick, Dean of the McKenna School of Business, began the town hall meeting by introducing the addition of several new professors, reiterating the college's commitment to ensuring student success through exceptional professors and a networking community. Some of those networking initiatives included the Center for Political and Economic Thought (CPET) lecture series, Women in Business events, the Case Supply Chain Management Competition, and many other networking opportunities.

“My point here is a lot is going on as you can tell,” Dr. Urick said. “Our speakers are going to share with you what is going on in each of their programs, or departments, or clubs […] and I really advocate that you take advantage as much as possible, all the opportunities that the McKenna School has to offer here at Saint Vincent College.”

Appealing to those values, Dr. Kayla Jachimowski, Assistant Professor of Criminology, encouraged students interested in pursuing a criminology major, general criminology, or working for a federal organization to reach out to her or Dr. Eric Kocian, Associate Professor of Criminology.

Echoing Urick, Jachimowski said, “Take advantage of the opportunities you have on campus. College is a unique environment where you can attend some awesome events that are important for you to experience.”

Dustin Logue, senior marketing major discussed the Operational Excellence Program, citing its advantageous prospects and insisting interested students consider joining regardless of their area of study. Following Logue’s talk, Markley provided students with details about this year’s McKenna School Around the World Trip to Portugal. The trip occurs every spring. The previous trip was taken to Bavaria, Germany.

Urick ended the McKenna School town hall meeting by thanking faculty and students for their contributions towardsopportunities in a variety of programs, departments, and clubs throughout the SVC community for the coming year.

(SOURCE: CALLAHAN) Attendees were handed out customized T-shirts bearing the McKenna school’s name at the end of the talk.

Upon the conclusion of the meeting, free, green T-shirts bearing the McKenna School’s name and logo were handed out to all who attended.

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