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Library door shatters, injuring student

By Raymond Duffy

On the afternoon of Friday, Sept. 18, one of the doors separating the Latimer Family Library’s main lobby area from the Barista area shattered, injuring one person who was then treated.

Kyle Persin, a senior finance and mathematics major stated, “I walked down right after it happened and saw the aftermath, like cleanup and someone getting treated by a nurse or something. . . . It looked like someone had a towel or wraps around their forearm/hand area and I thought I saw red on it, I'm assuming blood."

Senior communication major Isaac Pesicka said that he entered the library “after the incident occurred. I did not see anything happen, just saw glass on the ground and caution tape haphazardly placed near the door.”

All other eyewitnesses contacted by The Review declined to comment, and public services librarian Bridget Hornyak declined to comment as well.


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