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Honey, Where’s My Chicken? Students are Disappointed Amid Chicken Shortage

By Suki Rowden, Staff Writer

On Monday, Feb. 6, students became disgruntled when the SVC favorite dinner dish, the honey-stung chicken, ran out within an hour of the dinner service beginning. The chicken was replaced with another chicken dish that did not satisfy the crowd, with complaints coming from some students, such as Sara Basala, a senior biochemistry major.

“That chicken was not the [original] honey-stung chicken. It was nasty chicken on the bone,” Basala said.

In addition to the missing chicken, many students said the atmosphere actually affected their dining experience. One such student was Amanda Pugliano, a vegetarian student and senior integrated science major.

“[She] looks forward to going to the cafeteria with [her] teammates after practice but when the food served isn’t what is expected, it makes for a bad experience,” Pugliano shared.

Furthermore, many student athletes lost out on the opportunity to have the honey-stung chicken because of practice or other sport-related commitments that lasted later into dinner. The Review reached out to Parkhurst staff to gain insight into what may have resulted in the shortage. Jon Soulia, Senior General Manager of Parkhurst, explained the situation.

“For each item of every meal, our culinary team carefully plans quantities based on historical guest count and consumption data from the past. It’s always our goal to have the right amount to meet guest expectations without creating excessive food waste at the end of the meal,” Soulia said.

Soulia cited an unexpected increase in consumption of the chicken by the students, monks, and the seminarians as the main reasons for the shortage, explaining that the amount served has previously lasted the entire dining period. He promises the beloved honey-stung chicken will be back on the menu soon with an increased production amount to meet the campus’ demand.

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