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Baristas and Bookshelves: A Tour Through the New Library

By Chrisian Loeffler

: The new compact shelving being implemented in the library to reduce space.

From electronic bookshelves to a rain-proof path to Dupre, there are several new features in the works as the Latimer Library continues its reconstruction.

John Smetanka, vice president of academic affairs and academic dean, led The Review on a personal tour through this unopened and redesigned facility.

He began by showing off the future IT Service Area located on the first floor and explained that the area will be more conveniently located where higher student traffic is expected.

Also positioned near this area are rooms reserved for tutoring sessions and other services applicable to student academic assistance.

The inclusion of a barista in the library may lead to the current barista in the Carey Center being replaced with a smoothie and protein shake bar, Smetanka said, which is more suitable to the athletic environment of Carey.

Smetanka showed the convenience of multiple entrances to the library, with specific emphasis on a long indoor walkway that will allow students venturing to and from Dupre in the winter to stay warm while travelling to class.

Smetanka next demonstrated the implementation of compact shelving in the library, which will help reduce space taken up by the books.

“There are only three to four aisles […] you push a button and the shelves open up so the aisle is where you need it,” Smetanka explained as he pressed a button to make the bookshelf move automatically.

Smetanka also stated that some parts of the library may become available to the students this semester, such as the main sitting areas on both the first and second floors.

However, there are also parts of the library that will likely not be functioning until fall of 2020, Smetanka said, such as four classrooms in the library and some hands-on areas where students will be able to use 3D printing and lamination technology.


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