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St. Benedict Hall experiences leakages during storm

On Sept. 10, Ben Scott, a freshman business major undecided and resident of St. Benedict Hall, awoke to water dripping onto his face and bed. The steady leak continued throughout the morning.

“I was told to put in a work order and they [FMO] would come and fix it, but no one ever came,” Scott said.

Scott was not the only student to experience the leakage, as it affected other parts of the building as well.

Jessica Smith, a freshman accounting major, said that shortly after she returned to her dorm from her first morning class, a pod member knocked on her door to inform her that a large puddle had seeped in through the emergency exit door and was steadily growing on the carpeted area near Jessica’s room.

According to Smith, the puddle soon spread underneath the wall and began to enter the dorm, forcing her to quickly move all of the items her roommate had under her bed. FMO was contacted soon after.

“The flooding caused some panic at first, but it did not manage to damage anything,” Smith said, due to the problem being given immediate attention by FMO’s swift response.

FMO members were able to clean up the water outside the dorm and supply Smith with towels, one for the floor and one for the windowsill where an additional ceiling leak had begun dripping.

“I’ve never seen St. Benedict flood like this in all four years that I have worked here,” remarked an FMO member who responded to the scene.

Additional parts of St. Benedict Hall are also experiencing negative conditions.

On Sept. 9, students saw that tiles were missing in the second-floor ceiling above the lobby. A stream of water flowing near a lighting fixture has had some students concerned over it becoming a hazard.

While the tiles have been repaired by FMO, the cause of leakage in Scott’s and Smith’s dorm rooms remains unresolved.

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