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Creative Writing: Selection from “Generation 2016”

Afflictive Evanescence

Today, I said goodbye to the sun.

Its warmth had surrounded me


as I became weightless in my own world.

A world higher than the angels could ever take me.

Its rays of heat beamed onto me

for what seemed to be an eternity.

No need to bid it farewell;

I was gifted it,

indulging in it

for however long I wanted it.

But the clouds came

and took it from me,


The sky,

presenting an odd scarlet beauty,

hid the upcoming pain within its crimson haze.

It turned into a deadly darkness;

one full of nothingness.

Not for long though,

as it became illuminated by the strikes of lightning...

Hitting me one by one.

Then came the waters.


weighing me down,

returning me back to earth.

And just when I thought I couldn’t fight it anymore,

when I was about to give in to its

drowning strength,

there was a stillness.

I could breathe again.

I relaxed my entire body,

focusing on my breath.

I looked about;

I knew that it was all over.

No signs of recurrence.

The worst was over.

My surroundings began to turn back,

back to normalcy.

I looked behind me,

knowing that the pain,

the pelting,


Was over.

Another day’s promise was to come.

Never to be as bright as that day,

when the sun was promised to me.

Nor would the rain be as deadly.


The dawn would appear.

And that blessed day,

when the sun would be promised

to me once again,

to lift me up by its rays...

That would be the day I’m truly happy again

Photo: John Wojtechko

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