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Final note from the Editor

By Jonathan Meilaender

I’ve already troubled you with a long article about the future of education, so there is little room for goodbyes (and who really wants to read goodbyes, anyway?). But there must always be space for thanks. That is why I want to take a moment to thank my entire staff from the past semester: their dedication makes this paper possible. I want to make special mention of our three graduating seniors. Julia Snyder, our copy editor, corrects my mistakes, inspires me to work harder, and generally serves as the voice of reason. Kevin Martin is largely responsible (along with you, our readers) for the success of our opinion section this year, and I have come to greatly value his advice. And Michael Park works tirelessly behind the scenes to keep our website and social media accounts running. He has not only created our e-Replica, but also found, and is now archiving, a former Review website of whose existence I was entirely unaware.

I also want to introduce next year’s editor-in-chief, Samantha Hilyer. Samantha served as this year’s news editor with the same energy and skill she has exhibited as a writer and senior writer the past two years. I am confident that she will continue to improve The Review. You have plenty of exciting content to look forward to.

Finally, thanks again to you, our readers, for your engagement and contributions this year. Continue with the same: we want to be your voice.


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