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Wimmer water heater breaks

By Samantha Hilyer

(Source: Pixabay)

Only three weeks after reports had been made from Gerard Hall that the water temperature of showers and sinks was not reaching its normal warmth, residents of Wimmer Hall experienced the same phenomenon. On Feb. 13, several residents reported that the entire Wimmer building was subjected to chilly domestic waters.

However, according to Douglas Eppley, director of facilities, the causes of the two incidents are unrelated.

While the root of the cold showers issue in Gerry was caused by a faulty igniter switch on the water heater, which has since been replaced, Wimmer’s water heater problems cannot be so easily solved.

Eppley stated that, depending on the building, there might be different boiler systems in use. Wimmer contains a gas-fired hot water heater, similar to a system that can be found in a typical household, except on a larger scale, which heats all the domestic water in the entire dorm building, including sinks and showers.

Unfortunately, as this heater is now almost two decades old, being installed in 2001, the ravages of time made their presence known. The unit had been breaking down to the point where the unit could not be fixed, which means the entire unit had to be replaced.

According to Eppley, FMO purchased a new unit which was installed over break so as to impact as few residents as possible, with the hot water now working.


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