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Thoughts From The 2019 Homecoming Court

By: Samantha Hilyer

The morning SGA announced this year’s homecoming court, The Review reached out to the nominees with three questions:

1. What was your reaction to being voted on court?

2. What has been your favorite memory of SVC?

3. What are your plans for the future?

Keely Cain | finance and economics major

1. “I was so surprised when I heard that I had been voted onto court. I think my initial reaction was: ‘OMG, what?’”

2. “My favorite memory at SVC has to be working for the Mr. SVC Pageant, every year it keeps getting better and better.”

3. “I plan on pursuing a career in wealth management.”

Jake Clark | senior public history major

1. “Obviously, I was excited, but I was really more excited for my mom. She’s come to every Fall and Spring Family Weekend since I got to SVC and really wanted to see me on court for my Senior year, so I was really just excited to tell her.”

2. “I know it’s broad, but I think the entirety of my freshman [year] was just the best. I made my best friends in the entire world through my pod and I honestly think I’ve forgotten more fun times with Pod 5E than other people have had in their whole lives.”

3. “As of now, I’m planning on staying in the Latrobe area and working for the Arnold and Winnie Palmer Foundation developing a historical program that provides tours of Mr. Palmer’s office as we work to transition the site into a museum.”

Gianna Detore | senior business management major

1. “I felt appreciative and extremely humbled to be voted by the student body.”

2. “The heavenly feeling that the campus brings me. I will never forget the first time I was driving on campus after I got back from studying abroad for a semester and feeling so at home. These four years have given me the most amazing friends and memories that I will cherish for a lifetime.”

3. “I hope to work in the SAP field to improve the customer experience.”

Will Greene | senior marketing major

1. “I was really excited to have been selected for the court but had mixed feelings originally because I will not actually be able to be here for all the celebrations. The cross-country team and I have one of our biggest races of the year at Lehigh University next Saturday, so unfortunately, I [won’t] be able to make it back. However, I'm still really grateful to have been selected, and am looking forward to doing what I can with the rest of the court!”

2. “My favorite memories from Saint Vincent have always been from travelling with the cross-country team to overnight meets. The men’s and women’s teams have such a good camaraderie between each other that we always make long bus trips really fun!”

3. “Upon graduation, I will be working as a Sales Leadership development role with Evoqua Water Technologies in Pittsburgh!”

Jack Kilkeary | senior business management major

1. “I felt excited and happy to be associated with this nice group of people.”

2. “My favorite memories of SVC have been events such as The Voice and Mr. SVC and being able to watch them.”

3. “My future plans are to attend flight school after graduation and become a corporate aircraft pilot for my family’s company.”

Ashley Krause | senior communications major

1. “Honestly, shocked! But so excited. I found out when I was with Joel Santoro and Jack Clark, we had a little celebration and it will go down as one of my happiest college memories.”

2. “I’m going to be that person and say it’s meeting my boyfriend, Mike. Our relationship opened the door for many new friendships and memories with those amazing people who I can’t wait to spend homecoming weekend with!”

3. “I hope to continue with photography while I pursue a dual master’s degree in business and sustainability.”

Paige Montrose | senior economics and mathematics major

1. “I was very excited and honored; I immediately told my mom.”

2. “Winning the PAC Championship with all of my best friends and coaches.”

3. “I am considering getting my Ph.D. in economics or getting a job doing something to help people.”

Joel Santoro | senior business economics major

1. “I was really surprised! I was not expecting it, and I was really happy that we got a great group of people. This is going to be a blast!”

2. “There have been so many awesome memories, but if my life absolutely depended on it, I would say being elected SGA President is my favorite memory here at SVC.”

3. “I plan to work at Booz Allen Hamilton as a consultant in Washington, DC where I have interned for the past two summers.”

Joel Trentin | senior history major

1. “Well, obviously happy. I was just happy to be with the group that I was with. Like, we care because it’s a nice honor. It’s not about winning and losing, it’s about being together and having fun and enjoying ourselves and just being bearcats.”

2. “There’s too many, I can’t even give you one. There are just too many memories in this place and it’s going to be a real tear-jerker to leave.”

3. “Right now, the plan is to teach and coach and be a guidance counselor. School administration in any capacity is in the back of my mind.”

Helena Zrile | senior anthropology and sociology major

1. “I was thrilled! The following morning, I immediately called my parents and friends. I went to a small public high school and was never on court, or even looked at. So, being nominated made me realize how much people like me and how much they care. I truly feel wanted here.”

2. “That’s a tricky question. I have way too many memories that I love. I would have to say the Guatemala trip I took with Dr. Bennett and the rest of my class. Throughout the trip, Dr. Bennett and I made sarcastic comments towards one another, especially about my Spanish speaking ability (which is une poco). And Jordan dealing with my random outbursts like yelling for him in the lake because I found a rock or screaming because I thought a bird was dive bombing us. That trip had so many memories that will stick with me forever.”

3. “I plan in going to graduate school at the University of Pittsburgh for public health.”


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