Letter: Dr. Duennes

Dear BIPOC and LGBT+ members of the SVC community,

My name is Michelle Duennes and I joined the faculty at SVC in 2018. If you are a Biology major or an Environmental Science major, you probably know me or will get to know me soon. These are divisive times we are living in and the SVC community has some work to do towards making our campus a welcoming, loving and safe environment for all people.

I pledge to celebrate and love you because of who you are. Who you are is beautiful and worthy of love, kindness and respect from every single member of the SVC community and beyond. Always and with no exceptions. No one should ever try to silence you or make you feel ashamed for who you love, your gender identity, where you came from or the color of your skin. I hope to provide a safe place for you on campus. I pledge to offer as much love and safety as I can to every member of the SVC community, especially to those in our community whose equal rights and freedom are not guaranteed.


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