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Letter: Dr. Daly

In this moment in time, every topic feels divisive and seems to require debate. I’m not here to explain the need for equity and equality, argue against racial slurs, or fight for people to be seen as humans, because frankly, those should be expected, particularly from those who work at and attend a college built on the values of hospitality and love of Christ and neighbor, among others.

Instead, I want to send a very clear message to students who feel marginalized at Saint Vincent, overwhelmed with the current state of our society, and scared for what the future may hold for themselves and their loved ones:

I support and respect you. I value all that you offer and bring to the Saint Vincent community. You deserve love, equality, and fair treatment at this college and in this country. It may seem that the oppositional voices here and beyond drown out the messages of support, but please know that there are so many on campus and beyond who love you, appreciate you, and respect you.

If you need anything, you’re always welcome to email me, and I will remind you that you are important and a valued member of the Saint Vincent community.

Sarah E. Daly, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Criminology, Law and Society

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