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Amid change, a familiar voice: Welcome Back!

By Jonathan Meilaender

Few things have stayed constant this year at Saint Vincent—indeed, few things have stayed constant in America. That applies to The Review as well. You will notice that our format has changed again—a product of necessity, as it happens. We have been obliged to switch printers, and this new, smaller format was the most cost-effective option.

You may also notice that we have fewer copies in newsstands. This is, again, partly a choice designed to maximize efficiency, but we also hope to whet your appetite for our online edition. You can find every article online at—as well as a few that don’t make it into our print version.

Likewise, we have a new editorial staff. I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who sustained The Review throughout my time here, in particular Matthew Wojtechko, last year’s editor-in-chief. He and many others have contributed greatly to our ability to ensure reliable and professional coverage of so many important issues.

But amid these changes, some things stay constant. First among them, I hope, is the quality of our content and the accuracy of our reporting. In a time of turmoil and growing distrust of media, we hope that you find The Review as fair and unbiased as always—and just as entertaining as ever!

In light of the pandemic and the consequently uncertain nature of our academic and civic experiences, it is increasingly important for us all—you, me, the faculty, the entire Saint Vincent community—to participate in a sincere dialogue about the structure of our lives as scholars and American citizens. To that end, we are expanding our Opinion section this year, and we want to add your voices. I have been quite disappointed in my time here at the lack of student submissions and letters to The Review. We want to hear your opinion, and this is the perfect time for it. Do you have thoughts about SVC’s COVID-19 policies? Do you want to talk about Black Lives Matter, the upcoming election, or anything else? Do you agree or disagree with something you see in our pages? Send us an email at, or else get in touch with Kevin Martin, our Opinion Editor. We want to showcase your voices, not merely our own. Together, we can work to continue strengthening the Saint Vincent community.

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