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A sports fan's guide to surviving COVID-19 cancellations

By Luke Mich

As we continue to remain in self-isolation and practice social distancing for at least another month, many are struggling to find entertainment at home with the lack of live TV events. This includes sports, as all active sports leagues have been cancelled or put on hold for at least a month. However, for sports fans, there are ways to continue watching sporting events and get the latest sports news.

All installments in 30 for 30, a series of documentaries focused on sporting events and moments that had an impact beyond sports on a national and global scale, are available on ESPN+, with select airing on ESPN networks. (Source: ESPN)

Here are some alternatives:

NFL and its Free Agency period

Surprisingly, the only professional league getting the latest sports news and updates nationally is the only league in the United States that is in its offseason around this time. When the free agency period started, many shocking trades, acquisitions, and departures occurred, such as Tom Brady leaving New England for Tampa Bay, DeAndre Hopkins traded to Arizona for David Johnson, and Stefon Diggs departing for Buffalo. While the peak of free agency activity has probably gone by, some teams are still expected to make trades and acquisitions as we get closer to the Draft, which remains scheduled to begin on April 23.

Sports Game Classics

Many sports networks, such as CBS Sports and Fox Sports, have shown encores of classics from various professional and collegiate sports leagues, including the most memorable NCAA Basketball tournament games and Super Bowls of all time. Additionally, the NFL and NBA have made Game Pass free through the end of April, so you can stream any regular season/postseason game from the last ten or so seasons from those two leagues. Also, check the league networks (NFL Network, NBATV, etc.) and your local sports networks for encores of your favorite teams and their most memorable games.

To pass the time with no live sports, Fox aired a rerun of Super Bowl LI on March 29, noted by many as one of the greatest NFL games. (Source: NFL)

Wrestling and Boxing

ESPN, for the last few Sunday nights, has broadcasted past WrestleMania events for those who are fans of WWE. Additionally, they have shown reruns of unforgettable boxing matches on other nights, including both fights between Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury.

Professional Sports Leagues’ Social Media Pages

For some leagues, they are broadcasting a classical match each night on Twitter and YouTube, usually around 7 to 8 p.m.

Sports Documentaries

For ESPN+ subscribers, all 30 for 30 documentaries are available for viewing. If you're not an ESPN+ subscriber, check ESPN and its networks, as it has broadcasted various 30 for 30 documentaries to pass the time of no live sports. To add to that, you can check Fox Sports, Showtime and HBO for other documentaries and sports films.

These are a just a few suggestions on how to pass the time at home for sports fans with no present-day sports action. Hopefully, sports play will continue by May as more leagues will aim to end their delays.


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