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A Letter from the Editor

By Sean Callahan, Editor-in-Chief

Welcome back! It seems as if Christmas and New Year were only one week ago, so that feels strange to write even now, a month later.

Despite the swiftness of the holiday break, I believe a lot has changed, or is about to change at SVC. For example, it has been two years since SVC’s campus saw as much snow as it did on the week of January 15. Additionally, each of the three schools on campus has received two to five new professors…many of whom we, the staff at the Review, hope to cover this semester in more issues!

As was previously covered, SVC administration announced that construction on the Dunlap Family Athletic and Recreation Center is set to begin in May, and that the halls of Gerard, Bonaventure, and St. Scholastica may be planned to be torn down within the next decade to build newer dorms. Furthermore, the nursing program is being restructured, the aviation program has returned to SVC, and the Sauerkraut Tower is being considered for repurposing.

And of course, the most important update of all: there is now root beer at the Caf! Hopefully, whether you are a fan of Mug or Barq root beer, we can all agree that having any sort of root beer available for consumption in the Caf is a blessing.

Regarding The Review, I would like to announce a few updates. Firstly, The Review now has a new Business Manager, Kaylin Welsh! Kaylin and I will be working together this semester to facilitate more new opportunities among the SVC community.

I would like to reiterate things that you, students, professors, and other SVC community members, can do to help contribute to The Review’s success, and also further your own experience on campus.

Firstly, The Review is more than happy to advertise entities or events of many types, including club, student, campus, or even local businesses, in exchange for payment. Please email on details of the ad, specifically cost for the ad and page size, and how often you’d like to see it published. She can assist in specifics.

Secondly, if you have an opinion piece or creative writing feature you created, we would love to consider your work for submission in our latest issue. Those who submit can also receive payment from The Review per article they submit, should we accept and feature your work in the current week’s issue. Please email me, the Editor-in-Chief, for further inquiry on this, or if you have a submission you would like The Review team to consider.

Finally, do not be afraid to contact myself or The Review with any praise, feedback, or constructive criticism you have regarding a particular article, issue, or the paper as a whole. Also, please inform our staff of any ideas you may have for stories to investigate and write about. I always like to say to my colleagues, no idea is a bad idea.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this. I wish you all a great spring semester.

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