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Greek presence on campus

By Samantha Hilyer

Although Saint Vincent is home to several academic Greek chapters that bring students together, there has never been Greek related housing or fraternities and sororities.

Bob Baum, dean of students, is not aware of any student requests for fraternities or sororities on campus. As for why Saint Vincent does not have Greek life, Baum reports that it is because the social aspect of fraternities and sororities clashes with Saint Vincent’s policies.

“Saint Vincent’s student clubs are required to be open to all students, while Greek social organizations are often restricted by gender,” Baum said.

However, that does not mean Saint Vincent is without a Greek presence.

Saint Vincent has a Big/Little program which is traditionally associated with sororities and fraternities and offers a wide variety of Greek chapters with which students can get involved, such as Sigma Tau Delta, Pi Sigma Alpha and Alpha Lambda Delta.

Greek chapters emphasize the academic achievements and attributes of students, and so, they remain a part of the clubs on campus.

“[Greek chapters] are academic-based, with a scholarly focus instead of social,” Baum said, regarding the difference between Greek life and Greek chapters.

Danielle Chorba, sophomore biochemistry major and president of Alpha Lambda Delta, agreed with Baum’s statement.

“Since the chapters are recognized nationally as honor societies, we congratulate stellar academic achievement and commitment to service to Saint Vincent College and our neighboring community,” Chorba stated.

Chorba feels that Greek life mainly focuses on establishing a network of close bonds between members of each sorority or fraternity.

“It is for that reason that I deem Greek chapters to be better for our college, since we have such close-knit community between all students here on campus,” explained Chorba.

The Association of College Honor Societies (ACHS) defines an honor society at the collegiate level as the association of students among many fields of education who uphold the core values of scholarship, integrity and participatory governance.

Chorba stated that these Greek honor societies give students of different majors the opportunity to feel rewarded for their individual academic successes and gives them a sense of belonging.

With the help of the executive board members and advisors, Chorba said, she is able to provide opportunities for members to seek out acts of service in the community as well as encourage existing members to maintain the high academic achievements they initiated their freshman year. Alpha Lambda Delta does this in various ways, such as hosting a blanket-making night for the homeless shelters and a coffee and study night for members to partake in complimentary refreshments while they study with friends.

“Many of the eligible students that will be joining us this spring are eager to join Alpha Lambda Delta, and I am excited to see all the great things this freshmen class will do for the organization on campus,” Chorba said.

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