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A final note from the editor-in-chief

This year, The Review staff introduced our readers to a new format, new writers and new editors. We challenged ourselves to write about campus issues that readers would be passionate about and enjoy. Each of our staff members, who are studying majors ranging from English to environmental science, brought fresh perspectives and new topic ideas to our newspaper, from the water leaks in Rooney and changes in dining services to Bearcat athletic updates and features on students and professors. And our readers, the Saint Vincent community, have welcomed each issue’s array of articles and even contributed their own writing and input.

Our circulation has improved this year with over three-hundred papers taken from the newstands each week. Additionally, I have received numerous compliments on the content and format of The Review throughout the year, but there are many other contributors and mentors that deserve congratulations.

First and foremost, The Review could never have succeeded without John, Naomi, Emily and Cheyenne who dedicated their time and efforts to the physical, digital and financial aspects of the production. Also, our brilliant staff writers have contributed meticulous articles that took several hours each week to research and write.

At the beginning of the year, George Fetkovich, art director at Saint Vincent and a mentor of mine, offered to help me revise The Review’s layout. With George’s help, John and I chose the tabloid style that our readers pick up each week. George also gave us numerous sample layouts for pages made up of a variety of fonts, colors and styles for us to try out. I cannot thank him enough for helping us create the beautiful, professional layout you are holding right now.

During the past year, I occasionally found myself in crisis situations with which Dr. Dennis McDaniel, The Review’s faculty advisor, readily assisted me. I want to thank him for this and his help with individual edits and articles at our meetings, as well as his dedication to The Review as a whole. I would also like to thank Michelle Gil-Montero for her help as interim faculty advisor for the first semester when Dr. McDaniel was on sabbatical.

Additionally, I would like to thank Don Orlando, Rick Schulte, Jim Bendel, Eileen Flinn, Bruce Antkowiak, and all of the other members of the community that have in one way or another helped us to improve our newspaper.

And of course, I want to thank you, the reader, for reading our paper online and in print. Thank you all for your support of our community’s small, student-run platform for uncensored voices. I can’t wait to fill the role of editor once again next year and continue to improve The Review

Photo: John Wojtechko

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