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Students to complete exciting internships over the summer

Many college students have a summer job, but not every student has the opportunity to intern at a news station like junior communication major, Russell Clark. Several Saint Vincent students told us about their upcoming internships for the summer of 2018.

Clark will be interning at WETC 6, a NBC-affiliated television station, this summer in Wilmington, North Carolina.

The internship will allow him to work one-on-one with reporters, cover news in the field and learn about the news writing process.

Clark commented on what he hopes to learn during his experience.

“I would really like to learn the inner workings of a news station and how the process all comes together. I want to develop a good mindset on how to get a position in news,” Clark said.

Like many internships, Clark’s will be unpaid, however he said that he will be “paid in experience.”

“I’m very excited. I think it’s a great opportunity,” he said. “I’m excited to be living at the beach and to be working at a job that will hopefully one day be my career—my dream job.”

While Clark will spend his summer at the news station, Luke Mulloy, a junior criminology major, will be interning at the National Science Foundation in Washington D.C.

Mulloy applied for and accepted an internship with the Inspector General’s Office where he will aid in the investigation of any potential abuse of the foundation’s funds.

His position includes receiving complaints and tips from concerned individuals regarding organizations and institutions that abuse the National Science Foundation’s funds.

“I will be organizing and doing research on these complaints to assist the investigators at the office decide whether there is enough evidence to initiate an investigation,” Mulloy said.

Mulloy hopes that the internship will teach him more about the “investigation of white-collar crime” in a field which interests him the most.

Another junior, Kelly Flaherty, accepted an internship with the Pittsburgh Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center.

Flaherty, an integrated science-allied health major, will be working in the pharmacy department filling prescriptions, maintaining the stockroom and working alongside a pharmacist.

She plans to pursue a career as a pharmacist, and hopes that the internship will give her a preview of what it will be like to work a full-time job in the field that she is most interested in.

“I hope that this internship will give me a different aspect in terms of where I can go with a pharmacy degree,” Flaherty said.

While most people associate pharmacy with humans, Flaherty said that “nobody really associates it with animals” and that the experience will broaden her horizons.

Another STEM major, Dan Dunchack, will be interning at Drexel University where he will be doing research studying fracture and fatigue—the reliability and effectiveness of structural components of any scale, geometry or material.

He applied through the National Science Foundation which funds research opportunities for undergrad students.

Dunchack is an engineering science major specializing in mechanical engineering.

Since his research reflects his discipline, Dunchack said that he is interested in learning more about his specialization in engineering.

“I have never had real world experience working with a professional engineer before,” Dunchack said.

Dunchack hopes his research will open the door to graduate school at Drexel or another institution.

Like Clark, fellow junior communication major, Ian Herzing, accepted an internship with Level Agency—a digital marketing agency in Pittsburgh.

Herzing will work as an account manager where he will help to ensure client satisfaction.

Herzing said that he will work alongside the creative and marketing teams acting as a liaison between the two.

While Herzing’s background is in communication, he hopes that his experience will expand his knowledge of the business-side of marketing.

“I’m hoping to learn what it takes to be a business professional,” he said.

While Herzing is nervous about his lesser knowledge of business in marketing, he is looking forward to learning more about it.

The Career Center at Saint Vincent assists students in the internship process. Their websites states the following reason why students should complete an internship:

“To explore a specific career path, learn more about that particular industry and gain excellent experience in order to become more marketable for future employment or graduate and professional school acceptance.”

Photos: Clark, Mulloy, Flaherty, Dunchack, Herzing

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