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Editorial: This is your newspaper, let your voice be heard

As each of you – students, professors and faculty – spend the majority of your days at Saint Vincent, do you ever complain? Are there changes you would make if “you were in charge?” Are there issues that you wish were being addressed?

In the same light, do you have an experience that you want to share? Are you speaking at an event or were you recently published? Do you want to share your sabbatical or study abroad experiences with the Saint Vincent community and beyond?

We are listening. The Review wants to share the voices of the individuals who spend their time on this campus. On our staff, we have a group that represents a cross-section of Saint Vincent’s community, but we want to include as many fresh voices as possible in each new issue of our newspaper.

When you submit your op-eds, letters to the editor, opinion pieces and creative writing to us, we give your voice a space on a page that will be spread across campus. Additionally, your finished product will be posted on our website and shared to our Facebook page, where you can share the article with your friends as well as say that you have been published, both in print and online.

Students, we may just be a small campus newspaper, but your message, printed in this paper, will receive a wide reach around campus — not to mention, publication looks great on a resume.

Professors, this gives you the opportunity to do research on something in which you are interested and make the time to write a piece which you can then also submit to other newspapers or publications.

We are living in a world of changes — political, technological and societal disputes occur each and every day. We want to hear from the individuals who post Facebook rants, who love debating in class, who have opinions about our school, our country and our world. If you have something to say, we invite you to say it.

The Review strives to give you, the reader, the perspectives of professors from every department and students of every major. We work to inform you about what is happening on campus — from the recent flooding in Saints Benedict and Rooney Halls to the updates that Dining Services have incorporated this semester. And we want to continue to be the medium that carries the voices of our community.

So, in addition to your questions and comments, take the time to send us your writing. Respond to an article you recently read, a class debate that interested you, or a book that you want to share – we want to hear your opinions.

We cannot stress to you enough this plain and simple fact: this is your newspaper. The reason it exists is to inform and enlighten. It is a platform for all those on this campus to start a conversation.

Email us at with your questions, comments, letters to the editor, articles, creative writing and photos. We want to know what the Saint Vincent community cares about; please share your voices with us.

Disclaimer: Editorials published in The Review reflect the combined or majority views of the editorial staff. This does not include staff writers, faculty moderators, advertisers, solicited writers, reporters, freelancers or Saint Vincent College.

Photo: John Wojtechko

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