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Creative Writing: Selections from “Generation 2016”

“Generation” is Saint Vincent College’s literary magazine established in 1962. The magazine is compiled and designed in Literary Magazine Production, a three-credit English elective where students anonymously choose creative writing submissions by SVC students. The class distributes the magazine to the Saint Vincent community free of charge.


Zachary Folk

A scarlet sun drips

its sweet nectar over the mountains, valleys, and waters

that flow in between.

All of this in a land that hums grown men to sleep.

I am surrounded by a beauty

made possible only by the hand of God.

Why then, would I trade all these paintings

just to gaze at your face

or lose myself once more in your eyes?

Maybe because that very hand, a hand of great power,

created you in the same beautiful image.

Now I’m your audience as the sun spills

on you day after day

until the selfish moon hides you

and takes you home to rest.

So as I sit here, with a pen and a dream,

I count the glowing coals

until your spirit saves me from the final shimmer.

For Want of Being Lost

Kathryn Straatmann

I drive through the evening air

Trying not to think of you; trying not to remember.

But the stars shine through the blackness

The way your eyes, so dark, glance off my heart in the night.

The breezes through the windows

Echo and rhyme with your gentle rising and falling breath.

You, the moonlight, pull me closer

But being night, obsidian, I cannot see you.

Though you are all around me,

Surrounding me, I do not know where I stand until

I look into, up to, your stars.

They guide me, but only further into the night sky.

Have I wanted to be lost?

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