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Homecoming Profiles


Name: Courtney Kahl

Major: Business Management; Minors: Operational Excellence, Marketing, Entrepreneurship

Hometown: Derry, PA

Why you chose Saint Vincent: I chose Saint Vincent because as soon as I visited campus I felt at home. Students at Saint Vincent are welcoming and make you feel like you are apart of the bearcat family from day one of your freshman year.


Name: Alex Piampiano

Major: Biology and Psychology

Hometown: Collierville, TN

What Saint Vincent means to you: I love the community that the people at Saint Vincent create. There is so much I will miss about SVC next year. No other school can you leave your door unlocked or your laptop out for hours, without worrying about people stealing from you. Only at SVC, does everyone you pass say hello or smile at you and hold the door. My friends make fun of me when I say that no other place compares to SVC, but I know how much I will miss this place when I'm gone.


Name: Maggie Nelson

Major: Mathematics Education

Hometown: Frederick, MD

What Saint Vincent means to you: To me, Saint Vincent means everything. This place is my home. I've come to know so many amazing people and coming here truly was the best decision I've ever made.


Name: Elizabeth (Libby) Volna

Major: Biochemistry

Hometown: Meadville, PA

What Saint Vincent means to you: Saint Vincent means a lot to me, so it's hard to pinpoint exactly "what" it means, but I do know how it feels. It feels like the first sip of water after hours in the heat. A fresh breath of air after diving deep underwater. Driving up through the lighted trees into a world where I get to work towards the human being I want to be is more than refreshing.


Major: Environmental Science

Hometown: Glassport, PA

What Saint Vincent means to you: Saint Vincent College has become a very special place to me throughout the past three years, and the two words that come to mind when I reflect on my time spent here are love and growth. Since my first day on campus, I have felt love everywhere I turn, through interactions, friendships and even simple gestures. This sharing of love by all members of the community has helped me to grow as an individual in so many ways. I will forever cherish and take with me these memories as I move forward to pursue my career and spread the love of Saint Vincent wherever I go.


Name: Luke Good

Major: Marketing; minor: Communication

Hometown: Pleasant Hills, PA

What Saint Vincent means to you: When I think of Saint Vincent, I think of two things. The great community and people invested in our well being and success, and the opportunities readily available for each student to take advantage of. Saint Vincent is a platform that allows students of all different backgrounds to formulate a deeper relationship with themselves, their peers, and God. I wouldn't trade my years at SVC for anything!


Name: Delfine Bredniak

Major: Communication; minor: Spanish

Hometown: Washington, Pennsylvania

Why you chose Saint Vincent: The reason I chose Saint Vincent is because when I went on my first visit, I felt the love that this community possess on a day to day basis! SVC is my second home and I am honored to attend such an amazing institution!


Name: Kevin Kuhn

Major: Finance and Accounting

Hometown: North Huntingdon, PA

Why you chose Saint Vincent: I picked Saint Vincent because of its close proximity to my family, I had good friends coming here, and the McKenna School's success at placing students with jobs. It ended up being the best decision of my life. Saint Vincent has given me so much in the form of a great education, future career opportunities, the chance to work for my favorite team (Pittsburgh Steelers), memorable experiences, and most importantly many great relationships with my classmates and professors. I can't thank the SVC community enough for making my four years here so special.


Name: DJ Hough

Major: Early Childhood Education with a Background in Special Education

Hometown: Steubenville, OH

What Saint Vincent means to you: St. Vincent means home. This place has given me life experiences that I never would have learned without coming here. Lessons such as learning to actually do my own laundry and and to be more independent. Experiences like how to perform all nighters with only a half a liter of mountain dew, a bag full of skittles, and a little less than two hours of sleep. Or the opportunities such as eating food that really no one should ever be able to eat. This school has given me more academic knowledge than I could ever hope for, my

best friends, and terrific opportunities that I never would have been able to encounter without its guiding hand. Most importantly, it has given me a family where I am always able to fall back on in times of need and will always be able to return to. And, because of that, this is the place that I call home.


Name: Zack Good

Major: Business Management

Hometown: Pleasant Hills, PA

Why you chose Saint Vincent: The girls are cute.

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