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Editorial: Student-Run Newspaper Needs Student Voices

Welcome to Saint Vincent College’s student-run newspaper, The Review. These pages hold the voices of students, faculty and staff at Saint Vincent College, and have the potential to display your voice as well.

Campus news, community events and even national and international issues that effect the people at this small liberal arts college in Latrobe will be addressed in these texts. The goal of each article is to provide unique insight on a well-known subject or enlighten about a new topic.

The Review staff is made up of individuals who want to tell the stories that are important to you, the Saint Vincent community. Our objective is to serve the people who read this paper by opening a dialogue between reader and writer.

We are excited to introduce this year’s Review staff. Our past readers will recognize two staff writers from last year, Zach D’Amico and Babette Sanmartin. Our four new writers come from diverse perspectives, including majors in computer science, political science, marketing and English. The assorted interests of our writers will allow their inquiries to be extensive and varied.

Additionally, our editorial staff is mostly new: Bridget Fertal, an English major and marketing minor is our Editor-in-Chief; John Wojtechko, an English and communication double-major is our production manager; Emily Daily, an English major is our copy editor; and Cheyenne Dunbar, a finance and international business major is our reliable business manager of the last two years. In addition, we designed a new role this year, media manager, in order to keep our social media accounts updated and to design an independent website. Naomi Burke, a marketing major and communication minor, holds this position. This year, you will see our articles on Facebook so that our writers can share their work and you can read and share the articles that intrigue you.

As a newspaper in 2017, our goal is to present relevant and worthwhile information without compromising ethics or standards of newsworthiness. We want to tell important stories that are neither biased nor trivial. The purpose of the paper is to lay out information that we believe is both meaningful and useful, and allow you to be the judge of how best to use that information.

Novelist Joseph Conrad wrote, “My task which I am trying to achieve is, by the power of the written word, to make you hear, to make you feel—it is, before all, to make you see.” Likewise, we want to use this newspaper to help you hear, feel and see the perspectives that fill this campus.

This newspaper gives you, the reader, the chance to not only hear the voices of others, but to share your own voice in a print publication. Without your voice, The Review has no value.

But, how should you go about giving us your words? Email us at with your questions, comments, letters to the editor, articles, creative writing and photos. These newsprint pages do not belong to us, but rather they exist for you – no voice will be left unheard.

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for news updates and summaries throughout the week. Also, grab a print copy every week from one of the newsstands in the Carey Center, the Shack, the library, the cafeteria or outside our office next to the Wimmer bridge in Alfred.

Photo: John Wojtechko

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