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Homecoming Court Brings Heartwarming Reactions

The night of Wednesday Sept. 13 marked the opening polls for the homecoming court selections. Several members of the senior class couldn’t deny the excitement of a potential spot on the court for themselves or their friends.

While sitting in Bonaventure Hall, Douglas Hough, a senior early childhood education major, searched through the master list of Saint Vincent students, making sure to choose his options wisely.

“I honestly don’t know who to choose! There are so many amazing people on campus,” Hough said as he debated on voting for himself. “I just want to make sure they care about the school, want to see it improve and

assist with SGA, APB and are just super social in the dorms.”

Voting night also brought a heartwarming call to action. Jen Haseleu, a senior biochemistry major, went to Facebook and Twitter with a call to remind fellow students about the senior Bearcat BEST students when voting.

“SVC seniors, consider voting for the Bearcat BEST students for Homecoming Court. They are constantly spreading joy and deserve the recognition,” Haseleu’s post read.

Caroline Colcombe, the chair of the Activities Programming Board (APB) and a senior psychology education major, agreed.

“The first step of having these great students at graduation was wonderful,” Colcombe said. “If one of the senior Bearcat BEST students make it onto court, having them on the field would be a great representation of what this school personifies.”

Delfine Bredniak, a senior communication major, said, “It would be an honor to have them standing next to me!”

When Friday Sept. 15 finally came, the list of Bearcats on the Homecoming court was announced. Bredniak confessed to instantly calling his mom and grandmother when he saw that he was nominated.

“It’s a blessing. The fact that I made a difference in these people’s lives and the fact that they would want me on that court means the world to me,” Delfine said. “I thought if I get it, it would be cool, but if I didn’t, even if they thought of me, I would be honored.”

Luke Good, senior class president and a marketing major, who was also nominated, was at a loss for words and felt more than honored to be next to everyone on the field.

Photo: SVC Flickr

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