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Wimmer residents react to changes in microwave policy

by Courtney Briggs, Staff Writer

Regardless of whether students do not have enough time to get food from the cafeteria or Shack, if they want something different, or just want a snack, microwaves are necessary to take care of these cases of hunger. In Wimmer Hall finding a microwave can be difficult if you do not know where to look. If students live on certain floors, they will find themselves without a microwave on their floor. Fortunately, the common rooms have them along with chairs so students can reside in comfort while waiting for their food to heat up.

Due to fire hazards, residents in Wimmer are no longer allowed to have microwaves in the hallways. The microwaves were designated to be in common rooms, but not every floor has a common room, which leaves some floors without microwaves. This can be a pain for students who want to heat something up, especially if other people are using the minimal amount of microwaves provided.

Nate Masucci, a sophomore on the Wimmer’s third floor, does not agree that microwaves should only be in common rooms. He said, “It’s very inconvenient not only for me who lives on the opposite side of the hall, but for the floors that don’t have a common room. They have to go to another floor just to warm up some food. It’s not fair for them because they pay same amount of money as we do, and they should get they same privileges as we do.” Masucci thinks the microwaves are easy to access but are very inconvenient. He said, “What would take a minute to warm up in any other dormitory, it takes three minutes for us who have to walk a mile just to get to it.”

Sophomore Ethan Noonan is a resident of the fourth floor and does not have a microwave on his floor. He feels that they should be in every hallway. Unfortunately for him, it is difficult to access the microwaves because they are inconveniently placed. If he could, he would put microwaves on every floor.

Senior Charles Coleman does not have a microwave on his floor and is against them being only in common rooms. He thinks they are hard to access and they should be allowed in everyone’s room.

Not all students are complaining about this situation. Sophomore Miranda Crosby is a resident of the 6th floor, and she has a microwave in the common room. Unfortunately there is not a water fountain, but the microwave is easy to access.

Junior Bill Rummel is a third floor resident of Wimmer, and he also is lucky enough to have a microwave on his floor. He does not agree that microwaves should only be in common rooms. Luckily for him, the microwave is close to his room, but if he lived farther away he would not be happy. If he could fix the problem, he would put the microwave in the middle of the hall so it would be equally easy to access.

Junior Simon Clayton is a prefect of the fourth floor. On his floor, there is a microwave located in the common room. He feels that microwaves being located in common rooms is ideal because there are comfortable couches for residents to utilize while waiting for their items to be heated. Also, Clayton said, “The microwaves in Wimmer are easily accessible and I am confident in saying that Residence Life would look into utilizing other available spaces for the convenience of the residents.”

Although microwaves are still accessible, it can still be a pain to have to switch floors to search for one or even wait if it is occupied.

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