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Trayless Days save SVC 18,000 gallons of water

by Elizabeth DeLyser, Copy Editor

In the cafeteria this semester, students may notice something missing: twice a week, students must eat without trays. Trayless Tuesdays and Thursdays, which began this semester, is a joint-effort between Food Services and SGA to help promote Br. Norman’s environmental sustainability efforts. “It’s something Parkhurst is doing at other schools, and it’s a way to go green,” said Jason Winters, director of campus life. “Other schools are doing it all week long. We’re just doing it Tuesdays and Thursdays.” SGA got on board when Food Services came to SGA and explained the company initiative to cut back on tray use. SGA supported the idea and helped to advertise the initiative more to explain why the cafeteria was cutting back on the trays. Director of Board Operations Leo Cavanaugh estimated that the cafeteria saves approximately 600 gallons of water per trayless day, making the total 1200 gallons per week. During all 31 trayless days in the cafeteria this semester, the cafeteria will save over 18,000 gallons of water. “In addition to the water savings, we need to also consider the reduced chemical usage,” said Cavanaugh. “It saves the college approximately $100 per week, as well as the reduced effect on the environment.” The trayless initiative will continue next semester, although plans for expansion are uncertain. Although dining without a tray may be a small annoyance, students can take comfort in the fact their small sacrifice makes a big difference overall.


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