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The Beginning of the End

Zach Noble Editor-in-Chief

The word “bittersweet” is as cliché as pointing out the use of a cliché. But no other word will do.

I love Saint Vincent, so starting my final year here is accompanied by some dark chocolate, end-of-a-good-book, Fall-Out-Boy-just-broke-up waves of bittersweet emotion. I’ll miss this place after I graduate. I’ll miss seeing the sun rise over the mountains, sending rays of light through the morning fog. I’ll miss the bright orange bricks of the basilica. I’ll miss arguing politics with Dr. McDaniel and probing the intricacies of Confucian thought with Dr. Leiner and talking about, well, I’m not sure exactly what I talk about with Fr. Rene. Point is, I’ll miss the old guy.

But hey, I’ve still got (almost) a full year left, so my maudlin mood is premature.

This year, we hope to bring you a newspaper that contains actual, you know, news. We’ve beefed up our sports section, dedicating two writers to covering sports and only sports. We’ve added two art/music/culture writers who will review exhibitions, plays and musicals so that you can know what’s worth seeing. We’re bringing back the well-received humor column, which will be written this year by the capable and ever-sarcastic Steph Foster.

Most importantly, we will be publishing weekly issues in order to stay relevant and useful. The Review will be distributed on Thursdays this year. Our hope is that we can fill each issue with the past week’s news AND a preview of the weekend to come.

I’d like to thank my staff ahead of time for the great work I know they will do. We’ve bitten off more than any Review staff before us, but I’m pretty sure we can chew what we’ve bitten off. No pressure.

I’d also like to thank the student body. The Review exists to serve you, and we appreciate your support as we attempt improvement. A lively, independent newspaper enriches a campus by promoting accountability and providing a fresh perspective on campus goings-on. We aim to be lively and independent.

Speaking of campus goings-on, this year is looking pretty darn swell. I may be graduating soon, but I’m leaving SVC in capable hands. I feel compelled to mention the freshman class in particular- the Class of 2016 is almost as cool as the Class of 2013. Almost.

After the campus-wide (but often Benny-centric) trauma last year, I was apprehensive as I returned to my post as a Benny prefect. My apprehension was (thankfully) unwarranted. Last year, my pod was a scene of frequent destruction and splattered buffalo chicken dip. 2B (MY 2B, not this new lax pod), I love you guys but living in your messes wasn’t fun. This year, on the other hand, my pod is clean, my guys are kicking butt in Pod Wars (talent show champs, you know you’re jealous) and the recycling bin contains honest-to-God recycling. A group of 18-year old males has managed to keep the trash separated from the plastic bottles for a month. It takes men of character to keep a recycling container sorted.

We’ve got some good kids coming in to SVC, and while it will pain me to leave, I’m excited to see how my school will continue to grow and be excellent in years to come.

Seniors, here’s to a bittersweet last year. I’m raising an imaginary glass of imaginary beer in an imaginary toast, which probably looks ridiculous, but I’m alone in my room right now so no one can see me. So the imaginary toast is kind of pointless…

Alright, enough rambling. SVC, I present your newspaper. Enjoy!

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