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Students launching comedy show on SVC TV

by Courtney Briggs, Staff Writer

SVC juniors Ryan Minaker and Jeremy Shultz have created SVC’s first TV show to air on SVC TV. The comedy will feature Minaker and Shultz, along with Chris Brown, Carl Jeune, Sadie Stresky, Basil Wilson, and other special guests. It is on SVC TV Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m.

Cracked and Broken is a 22-minute comedy show that includes multiple skits. Each skit can vary in length and consists of the six main characters along with special guests. The program originally was going to be a five-minute show, which was not enough time for the creators to share all of their thoughts. The show ended up being 22-minutes without commercials. The skits are filmed on campus and include different scenarios.

On February 15, the premiere of the first and second episodes occurred in the Carey Center Lounge. The Marketing Matrix Club helped Cracked and Broken advertise by putting up posters all around campus. Pizza and beverages were provided so students could fully enjoy the show as they would at a real premiere.

The vice president of The Marketing Matrix Club junior Bill Rummell said, “The marketing matrix club is really looking forward to working with the cast, and we are hoping to get everyone on campus as excited as we are.” They are hoping to find other ways to help Cracked and Broken publicize in the future.

The crew is willing to cast anybody who asks. Often, students will share their ideas that will turn into skits on the show. Sophomore Nick Corletti helped out with a skit and ended up being filmed in the episode. Minaker and Shultz enjoy students volunteering to help and want to share other perspectives.

Last year, the duo made many of YouTube videos, which eventually led to Cracked and Broken. They wanted to resolve the problem of SVC TV lacking shows. They decided to make a comedy because they have a good sense of humor and enjoy making people laugh.

Minaker, a junior communications major, has many of projects in the works including music videos, other short clips, and multiple media projects. He loves how fun filming and editing is, and realizes that this is great practice for the future. He feels accomplished that he can produce, direct and edit his own television show to be broadcasted. He eventually wants to create a website to have all of his episodes online.

Shultz, a junior finance major has another point of view to bring to the show. After being recruited by Minaker, he was taught a lot about multimedia and the communication department. He thinks of filmmaking like a club. Since this is recreational for Shultz, it will show that he is well rounded. He thinks that school spirit is very important, and wants something for the students. “The show is for SVC students by SVC students,” he said.

According to the show’s creators, “It’s funny so tune in, and we hope everybody enjoys it. They better laugh, or else.”

So far, Cracked and Broken has five episodes filmed. By the end of the first season, there will be 10 episodes. After Minaker and Shultz graduate, Sophomore Joshua Spellman will take the reins. He is already learning a lot from Minaker.

Each episode takes approximately a week or longer to film. Minaker is a perfectionist and spends many long nights doing the editing for the show. He feels that it is a lot of work that will be worth it in the end.

They hope to receive a lot of feedback from the student body. They are trying to have every student involved at least once. Multiple students have already asked to be on the show and are on a waiting list.

Although the show was created recently, laughter is already spreading across campus. The crew has intentions of expanding the cast for next season and would like to have more females involved. Sophomore Jovaughn Johnson helped out with skits and said, “Cracked and Broken will have you falling out of your seat with laughter.”

Junior Stephen Shearer said, “After seeing a few clips of the new show, it looks to be a really hilarious series. I cannot wait to see it on SVC TV. It looks like it comes naturally to them, and it will be very entertaining to watch.”

Cracked and Broken is always looking for more cast members, special guests or anybody with a sense of humor to help out. Contact Ryan Minaker or Jeremy Shultz for more information.


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