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Lucas Briola

Lucas Briola, a Theology and History double major with a minor in Philosophy, attended Bishop Canevin High School in Pittsburgh, has been a member of the Student Athletic Advisory Council and has been an active member and captain of the Bearcat varsity cross country and track teams for four years. “I have greatly appreciated my experience running cross country and track for Dr. Herr and Coach Snider,” said Briola. “These two individuals have taught me more about the correct way to live more than any class has. I consider them both friends and mentors for the rest of my life as well as paradigms for how a Christian should act. Likewise, the sometimes laborious process of going to two practices a day throughout the whole school year is facilitated by being surrounded by a great group of teammates who share a common goal of winning the PAC Championship every year.” Briola was named Who’s Who among Students in American Colleges and Universities, has been a member of the President’s Athletic Conference honor rolls and was named to Theta Alpha Kappa and Chi Alpha Sigma. Briola has also participated in Campus Ministry as an altar server, participated to a pilgrimage to Rome and participated in a service trip to Brazil. “While the Brazil trip did not share the same awe-inspiring scenery of Rome,” said Briola, “the trip on a whole was much more meaningful and moving. We experienced the poorest of the poor in the favellas (slums) of Jundiai and, for the next few days, we worked in the schools that many children of the favellas attended. Our mere presence was enough to bring immense joy to these often-forgotten children, and I’ll never forget the vibrant, grace-filled energy of the sisters with whom we stayed, the Missionary Sisters of Christ.” Briola said about being nominated “I am very grateful for this honor. Many have been and are more deserving than I of such a distinction at Saint Vincent. Upon hearing of my nomination, I immediately thought of the joy of my parents, Frank and Lilly, who have provided so much for me throughout my life. I hope this is some sort ‘repayment’ for their immense love for me. I also thought of my grandfather, Alfred Briola, who walked these same grounds of Saint Vincent over 65 years ago and how proud he would be of this recognition.” After graduation, Briola plans to pursue a Master of Theological Studies at Boston College.

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