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Letter to the Editor

I salute the Office of Service Learning and campus Outreach, under the direction of Kelly King and Reginald Butler, and the students who participated in the Martin Luther King Challenge on Saturday, January 15th. Over 60 students participated in 10 different activities throughout the community that were in response to Dr. Martin Luther King’s challenge to “do for others.”

As an alumnus of the College and a counselor in the Admission Office, I joined a group of students who visited a senior citizen center in Latrobe where a social activity was planned and carried out with great alacrity. The elderly women and men truly appreciated the good time that was provided for them.

Our students interacted with the residents of this facility in a very caring and sensitive way. I was proud of them and their collective efforts on this particular day. The College continues to recruit the best among high school graduates—good students and fine young people. And, this group affirmed what we expect from recruits when they become SVC students.

At Saint Vincent, there are many lessons to be learned, both inside and outside of the classroom. It is encouraging and gratifying to see more and more members of our student body volunteering to serve others, in both nearby and faraway places.

As students graduate from SVC, hopefully they will respond to Martin Luther King’s challenge in the next stages of their lives. Dr. King proclaimed, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is ‘what are we doing for others?’”

Pat Conroy

Alumni Council C’64, SVC Admission Counselor

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