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Fitness center directors explain gym maintenance procedures

by Megan DePrimio, Staff Writer

With the winter season beginning to wreak havoc outside, avoiding traveling through the snowy, slushy, salty mess outside is practically impossible. However, when people walk through this sloppy goop, they can’t help but transfer some of it inside of buildings. In particular, the high-traffic area of the fitness center on the bottom floor of the Carey Center gets more than its fair share of dirt.

Despite the fitness center being utilized frequently, there are rarely any complaints voiced about its cleanliness, and when there is a problem, it is usually addressed immediately.

The fitness center is primarily run by Strength and Conditioning Coach and Assistant Football Coach John Bell, while Associate Athletic Director and Head Women’s Basketball Coach Kristen Zawacki is the administrative head.

Concerning who cleans the fitness center, Bell said, “The cleaning of the fitness center is done by Scott [Wisneski], work-study, myself and FMO (Facilities Management Office). Currently, the gym is cleaned first thing in the morning by Scott and FMO. We also have the student workers go around and clean obvious things up during their shifts. As the day progresses, keeping the gym clean also falls to the people using it. It really has to be a unified effort by everyone again due to the high volume of people in the center. Keeping a gym clean and neat is a team effort.”

Zawacki, reiterated the fact that the gym is cleaned “as often as possible and as needed as possible.” There is a log kept of what jobs are completed, and if anything significant needs to be done, a work order is submitted to FMO.

The nine or ten work-study students who sit at the desk outside the gym are there in case anyone in the fitness center has an issue or problem. “Each shift is responsible for certain duties, and they are listed for them at the desk. They range from wiping down the upholstery to stacking the weights in the proper place,” Bell stated.

Faithfully at the desk in the mornings is Scott Wisneski, who is also the assistant volleyball coach. According to Wisneski, the fitness center was given a complete cleaning the Wednesday of Thanksgiving Break when there was less foot-traffic.

The cardio equipment, which is about eight years old, is monitored daily. If something breaks, students can help out by alerting either the desk work-study student or Bell himself. Once alerted of a problem, the equipment is assessed to see if it can be fixed in-house or if Baker Services Inc., the company contracted to repair the items, should be called.

Zawacki mentioned that SVC is looking into leasing proposals for an upgrade to new equipment. “The cardio machines are becoming a problem,” Zawacki stated. “It’s hard to get parts for the older models.”

Some individuals who regularly use the fitness center equipment daily were questioned, and they voiced concern over the gym’s cleanliness.

Sophomore Natalie Baker said, “I always clean my equipment when I’m done with it, but I see that other people don’t.”

While the equipment might be wiped down a few times a day, dust collects not only around the bottom and under the cardio equipment but in the vents as well. The rags that are present on the spray bottles tend to be dirty and wet.

Michelle Kozusko, a SVC staff member, stressed that the machines and surrounding areas of the machines must be properly maintained and thoroughly cleaned daily so the machines will last longer and be more efficient.

A key point to keep in mind is that the fitness center is utilized by many people, and there are many different and varying standards of how an individual perceives something as “clean.” As students of SVC, we should take pride in the appearance of our facilities and do our best to keep good looks maintained.

If anyone has any concerns or thoughts about how the fitness center is kept, Zawacki is “open to any suggestions. [The] cleanliness look is very important.”

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