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Cheesehead celebrates alone in Steelers’ country

by Eric Arbore, Staff Writer

Although it may come as a shock, there is at least one student at Saint Vincent College that is happy for the Green Bay Packers’ victory in Super Bowl XLV. Joshua Catalano is a proud fan of the champions and does not mind showing it.

“I became a Packers’ fan when I was about three years old,” he said. “I loved football and my favorite color was green, so I began rooting for the Packers.”

It was not hard to pick him out of a crowd in the weeks leading up to the big game. He wore a traditional cheesehead to show his support for the eventual Lombardi trophy winners.

Catalano, a sophomore History/Education Major and linebacker for the Bearcats football team, realized he would take some criticism for his loyalties. Having grown up in Saint Mary’s, PA and having graduated from Elk County Catholic High School, he knows that Steelers’ fans are dedicated, to say the least. He has received many questions about his opinion of the Black and Gold. “I respect the Steelers,” he said, “but I do not like them.”

In addition to questions, he has received mixed responses to his green and yellow fandom. “Most true Steelers’ fans [found] it amusing and [warned] me of the defeat the Packers [would receive].” On the other hand, he has been much more criticized by people he considered to be “non-football fans who do not understand.”

“…I am a Packers’ fan, and that is nothing to be ashamed of,” he said.

During Super Bowl XLV, while many students gathered in the Carey Center to watch the game with friends, Catalano said that he was watching just as intently.

“I am planning on watching the game at Saint Vincent, but by myself,” he said. Before the game, Catalano gave a little insight into his expectations. “I predict the game to be very close…but [Packers’ Quarterback] Aaron Rodgers should be able to find some favorable matchups against a subpar Steelers’ secondary.” He also said that turnovers would play a big factor in deciding the outcome.

For Catalano, it did not matter that he was alone in cheering for the green and yellow. “I have not met any other Packers’ fans on campus,” he said. Although he was the only student showing his support in the weeks leading up to the game, he never felt that wearing a cheesehead was too much of a public demonstration. “I have never been afraid of wearing my team’s colors.”

So while we are proud of our Black and Gold for the success they had this season, there is still a void that could have only been filled by another ring. Meanwhile, proud Steelers’ fans mocked Joshua Catalano for supporting this year’s ultimate enemy in the biggest game in sports. Until next year crowns a new champion, there will have one cheesehead on campus to remind Steelers fans that they had only the second best team in the NFL.

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