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Campus Ministry celebrates women of SVC

By Sean Callahan

On March 18, Campus Ministry began displaying a board of women of SVC, nominated by the SVC community. (Source: Callahan)

For Jody Marsh, Campus Ministry’s office and services coordinator, March is normally a time of year where her efforts would be dedicated to service trips and pilgrimages. But due to the pandemic, she has been able to dedicate her time to a different celebration: Women’s History Month.

At the beginning of March, Marsh put out a survey for the SVC community to fill out before March 12, where they could nominate women that they felt inspired and supported them or made a positive impact on the campus.

“My goal for ‘Outstanding Women of SVC’ was to highlight women in a special way, to increase the visibility of those who have made a big impact on our campus,” Marsh said.

By March 18, names and pictures of the nominated women were placed on a large display board in front of the bookstore windows in the Carey Center. The women included staff such as Mary Collins, vice president of Student Affairs, and Dr. Margaret Watkins, dean of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. Several students were also included.

Campus Ministry used a poster to solicit nominations. (Source: Marsh)

The display remained up until March 26. Marsh said that as of March 29, she was in the process of presenting each nominee with a framed nomination as a keepsake.

“Someday, the next generation of female students will be looking up to the women currently on our campus. Our job is to make sure the next generation of women are ready to take on the challenge,” Marsh said.

Marsh said Campus Ministry has promoted Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Month and Random Acts of Kindness Week, among others. But this is the first year for Women’s History Month to be promoted in any capacity by Campus Ministry.

Following the removal of the Outstanding Women of SVC display on March 26, a new display celebrating women living out their faith took its place in front of the bookstore windows. Featured women included Mary, the mother of Jesus, and the display was still there as of March 31.


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