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Update: SGA discussion about Alcuin kitchen mess

When asked about the progress in addressing who is to clean the Alcuin kitchen, Vicky Booth, head of facility housekeeping for FMO and Justin Hoffman, SGA president, declined to comment.

In February, Booth said she would rather not comment “until the meeting [she needs] to have with SGA and student affairs to discuss this issue.”

When asked for comment eleven days later over spring break, she added, “it is the responsibility of the student that is using the kitchen to clean up after themselves.”

In April, when asked about what progress has been made, Booth directed The Review to student affairs.

The Review was not able to communicate with members of student affairs or with Megan Miller, FMO representative in SGA, for this article, who said in late February she would be happy to comment after the problem is sorted out and she has been updated.

In early March, Hoffman told The Review that SGA is in the process of discussing who is responsible.

“We are making progress,” he said, “but nothing is definitive at this moment.”

He said then FMO, SGA and Residence Life are the people involved in the decisions.

When contacted in April, Hoffman said, “the Alcuin kitchen situation will be assessed on a day-by-day basis” and “we will continue to keep an eye on the cleanliness of the kitchen to ensure all users feel comfortable.”

Hoffman said if the mess continues, SGA will stop offering kitchen equipment, which is where the mess is heavily centered around, and will start a “bring-your-own equipment policy.”

“We hope this will resolve the issue at hand,” Hoffman said.

He said students are responsible for cleaning up after themselves in the kitchen.

Hoffman did not say what progress has been made in addressing who is to clean the Alcuin kitchen.

According to SGA’s minutes, the discussion began on Feb. 11 when Hoffman said the Alcuin kitchen gets dirty and is not cleaned often and asked if a cleaning schedule could be implemented. The minutes show the discussion continued on the Feb. 18 meeting.

Since this February date, the Alcuin kitchen was not mentioned in the following five SGA minutes, which are available online at SGA’s page on the Saint Vincent Portal.

The article from March about this discussion can be found on The Review’s website.

Photos: Matthew Wojtechko

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