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The Company prepares for upcoming production

The Company — Saint Vincent’s student-run musical theater group — will perform “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” Nov. 17 through 19 in the Robert S. Carey Performing Arts Center.

Anthony Massetto, junior music performance major, has been a part of seven theatre productions at SVC, including five with The Company, since his freshman year.

Massetto will play J. Pierrepont Finch, the lead-role in the upcoming production.

Director Philip Montalbano, junior finance major and music and accounting minor, said that story follows Finch as he “schemes and charms his way up the corporate ladder to fulfill his ambitious goals.”

The Company has been preparing for this production since late September.

“It’s been more stressful in past years putting it together, but this year we’ve had a solid production team and I think everything’s been taken care of in a timely manner,” Massetto said. “I think it’s added to the fun.”

Massetto says that he has enjoyed preparing to play the role of Finch.

“[Finch] is very focused. He very much only cares about rising. He’s very conniving almost,” Massetto said. “He has bits and pieces in the show when he kind of looks out into the audience and grins because this is part of his plan.”

Finch, Massetto says, is a “very bold character” who “gets softened up by his love interest — Rosemary.”

Rosemary Pilkington is played by senior biology major Taylor Hanson.

“I really enjoy [Rosemary’s] character” Hanson said. “She loves Finch and is as strong-willed as he is when it comes to achieving her goals.”

Massetto commented on the show’s comedic tone.

“It’s incredibly funny,” Massetto said, “and the music’s great.”

Massetto is also the show’s musical director.

“I was in charge of teaching all the music—both solos and the ensemble pieces,” Massetto said. “So I had to deal with all of [the cast’s] harmonies and making the needed adjustments.”

The show’s composer and lyricist, Frank Loesser, also wrote the classic Broadway music, “Guys and Dolls.”

“[Loesser] is great,” Massetto said, “I’ve done shows written by him before. It’s very catchy.”

Hanson commented on The Company’s latest production’s process.

“Much of the cast was familiar with this show before we began, so we’ve all been very excited about it throughout the process,” Hanson said.

Montalbano reiterated the sentiment.

“I love seeing the different pieces of the show finally fall into place once the individual parts are completed,” said Montalbano. “Working through the show piece by piece can be difficult and time consuming, but ultimately is worth it when the.”

Montalbano previously directed “Showtime: A Company Cabaret” in the spring 2016 semester.

“The director should create guidelines and maintain consistency in the show, but allow the artistic ability of the actors to really fill the characters.” Montalbano said.

This show is Hanson’s fourth with The Company and her first working with Montalbano.

“[Montalbano] is one of my good friends and has directed previously,” Hanson said, “so it’s been fun working under his direction.”

Massetto warns audiences that the show is “a little sexist,” but in a tounge-in-cheek fashion.

“It’s written in the fifties. Women’s roles were primarily secretaries [in businesses],” Massetto said. “It shines light on how ridiculous [that time] was.”

However, The Company’s production of this Tony Award-winning Broadway hit will surely entertain its audience, according to its cast and crew.

“Audiences are bound to laugh and become invested in the story,” Hanson said. “The entire cast and production team has been working very hard, and we hope that as many people as possible will get to see our hard work and enjoy our performances.”

The performances are Friday and Saturday, Nov. 17 and 18 at 8 p.m. and Sunday, Nov. 19 at 2 p.m. Each performance is free to the public, but Montalbano said that putting on the show is not free for the club.

“A combination of fundraising, paid advertisements and generous donations keeps the shows free for the public, said Montalbano. “Donations are accepted during and following each performance.”

Full disclosure: Matthew Wojtechko and John Wojtechko, who are both in the production, currently serve on The Review staff.

Photos: Philip Montablo

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