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Students Having Trouble with Wi-Fi

By John Syms, Part-Time Staff Writer

Students across Saint Vincent College are having problems with logging in to campus Wi-Fi. Two main problems on campus are students having no access to the internet and always having to sign in to Microsoft Authenticator to log in to the student portal. Undergraduates are very frustrated with the Wi-Fi connection. The same problems with the Wi-Fi at Saint Vincent occurred last year when Apogee set up a new connection for students.

Saint Vincent College’s Information Technology department (IT) is currently fixing the issues happening on campus. IT has confirmed that many students this semester have had their Wi-Fi issues fixed, while other students still are having problems. Students who usually can’t log in to the internet here at Saint Vincent College usually have to use the Bearcats-Guest Wi-Fi.

(Apogee) Apogee Resnet provides internet access to SVC students

There have been a variety of problems with logging in to Microsoft Authenticator this semester. Students are annoyed with having to use Authenticator every time they attempt to log in to the student portal, the Get app, or even Microsoft Outlook.

IT Service Desk Analyst Fabio Flesik said “The Wi-Fi uses the MyResnet accounts. The Authenticator issues, the main cause of that is usually when someone gets a new phone or computer, or resets their phone, basically we (IT) would have to reset something on our end that allows the notification to approve the sign in to go with their new phone or computer.”

Flesik also said, “Anyone who has trouble with Wi-Fi or internet always has a 24/7 support, they can chat, go on the website, look at the Wi-Fi posters hung across Saint Vincent, or go to the website, and we usually do have a Wi-Fi person at service desk to help with any problems with internet. His name is Ben Riddle.”

Ben Riddle is a current IT employee, and Saint Vincent College graduate. If you ever need help with Wi-Fi on campus, visit the IT service desk on the bottom floor of Alfred Hall. IT believes that not a lot of students will have trouble with internet connection on campus if they find the 24/7 support they need. IT is looking to fix these issues starting winter.

You can always contact Riddle by his email

For any other problems with WIFI, you can always email SVC’s IT service desk at or call 855-643-2152.


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